Introducing Computer Lab’s Chinese Software Engineering and Product Management Terminology Flashcards

Are you a software engineer whose work involves communicating in Chinese with your colleagues or clients? Or are you an English speaker who wants to learn the accurate jargon to maneuver within Chinese product development and marketplaces? Computer Lab’s Chinese Software Engineering and Product Management Terminology Anki Deck offers a unique and streamlined resource directly catered to these needs.

Our flashcards include over 350 terms and phrases commonly used in software engineering and product management, such as “smoke test” (冒烟测试), “side effect” (副作用), “replicate a problem” (重现问题), and “equally consider” (兼顾).

Replicate 1

Each flashcard features the Chinese term or phrase, its pinyin pronunciation, its English translation, and example sentences in Chinese and English.

Replicate 2

Each card also come with the buttons Again, Hard, Good, and Easy, which make it simple to track your recall and learning progress, as well as an Edit function to amend and customize flashcard fields.

Smoke Test

Computer Lab originally created this flashcard deck to improve the team’s fluency and familiarity with specific, industry-driven Chinese vocabulary. Now, it represents a regularly-updated educational aid within the Computer Lab line of resources and products, with terms sourced from diverse bilingual texts such as:

  • 【凤凰项目: 一个IT运维的传奇故事】”The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win” link
  • 【前途丛书 - 这就是软件工程师】”So You Want to be a Software Engineer” link
  • 【2024国家公务员考试笔试模拟试卷及答案】Chinese Civil Service Exam Questions link

Side Effect

You can access our official, trademarked Chinese Software Engineering and Product Management Terminology flashcard deck for free via AnkiWeb.


Computer Lab is committed to helping multilingual software development teams move more efficiently through the global marketplace. With regular practice, these flashcards will bolster your confidence and promote your ability to communicate about software engineering and product management in Chinese. Additionally, we offer consulting services to directly assist you and your team. Please visit or email for more info.

Thank you for considering Computer Lab as your partner in multilingual software development, product, and engineering services. We look forward to working with you!

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