Computer Lab helps artists and creative organizations execute digital projects.

A flexible team for your next project.

Computer Lab is a full-service development shop that builds websites, apps, installations, tools, renderers, archives, smart contracts: anything virtual or embedded. We engineer beautiful solutions that shape and accelerate our clients' goals in art, business, and beyond.

Computer Lab also publishes writing and software informed by our consulting work and hosts domain-specific events and residencies. Get in touch to discuss your next project or arrange a visit to our office in TriBeCa.

Landing Page

To celebrate the the birthday of the GIF, Computer Lab partnered with Giphy Arts to build an online exhibit of the format's 30-year history, showcasing notable GIFs and milestones for the tech. The static site, built quickly with Three.js, looked great projected on the wall at Giphy's #HappyBirthdayGif party, and still works great on mobile devices.

JavaScript, Three.JS, Amazon S3, LetsEncrypt, VueJS


A Computer Lab team transformed wireframes for the case study management tool SuccessKit into a polished, extensible MVP in just a few months. Computer Lab established a sound codebase and engineering culture and was able sucessfully hand off the project to the SuccessKit team.

Django, Django Rest Framework, React, Ansible

CMS and DevOps

Screen is a curatorial collective based in New York, Beijing and Berlin. We improved the performance and overall user experience of their bilingual media platform. We reduced site loading speed, simplified content management and delivered an engaging experience to a global audience.

MongoDB Atlas, KeystoneJS, React, ExpressJS

On-site React Development

Computer Lab built on-demand streaming functionality into the iHeartRadio web platform, enabling iHeart to launch their paid subscription service before Pandora. We worked alongside iHeart's web team to scale the existing React application to millions of users and rapidly developed high-quality new audio library, web radio, and payment features under a hard deadline.

React, Backbone, Jenkins, Docker, JWPlayer

Great engineering paired with domain expertise.

The Arts

We take care to develop solutions that will be sustainable within the context of your organization. Our long-term engagement with creative communities means we have a personal interest in seeing arts projects succeed.

Healthcare and Biotech

We'll be your partner as you navigate the unique regulatory and technical challenges of bioinformatics projects. Our team has years of experience working with industry leaders and we're passionate about building better health information systems.

Rapid Prototyping

Computer Lab can rapidly form specialized teams to tackle MVP builds with highly involved technical, data science, or design needs. Our process ensures well-documented, world-class software engineering that will de-risk your project.

Deploying Headless WordPress + React Starter on Google Cloud Platform

Patrick Steadman and Mark Neuburger - December 20th, 2018

Most content editors know and like WordPress. (Or at least tolerate it.) Most developers know and like React. Postlight's headless-wp-starter promises to give you the best of the both worlds. This guide will help you set up the starter kit on Google Cloud Platform's App Engine standard environment. Read More