Computer Lab is a software consultancy in New York City that builds digital products.

A flexible team for your next project.

Computer Lab is a full-service dev shop focused on the development of data-driven JavaScript apps. We engineer solutions that shape and accelerate our clients' goals in media, tech, healthcare and beyond.

Computer Lab was founded in 2016 by Max Fowler, Patrick Steadman and Zachary Taylor. Our office in TriBeCa is open to all, get in touch to discuss how we can help with your next project.

On-site Consulting

Computer Lab built on-demand streaming functionality into the iHeartRadio web platform, enabling iHeart to launch their paid subscription service before Pandora. We worked alongside iHeart's web team to scale the existing React application to millions of users.

Webapp MVP

Nectar is a recruiting platform for tech workers, created for our client SingleSprout. The project leveraged Django, ReactJS, and Ansbile to transform an exisiting application into an elegant online marketplace that we turned over to Nectar's dev team ahead of schedule and under budget.

Landing Page

We created an interactive 3D landing page for a marketing data visualization tool launched by Verdes, a creative agency in NYC. The PinPoints build convinced us that React’s declarative components are a great fit for developing 3D user interfaces in the browser.

CMS/AWS Consulting

Screen is a curatorial collective based in New York, Beijing and Berlin. We worked closely with staff to improve the performance and user experience of their bilingual media platform. We reduced site loading speed, simplified content management and delivered an engaging experience to a global audience.

  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Airflow
  • HIPAA Compliance, EMRs
  • Schema Design
  • Postgres, MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Apache Kafka
  • React, Electron
  • Django
  • iOS and Android
  • Wordpress, Hexo and Jekyll
  • Docker and Ansible
  • Webpack
  • ThreeJS
  • Branding
  • Responsive Design
  • Ad Tech
  • Social Automation
  • SEO
  • Asset Creation
  • Content Strategy

Ten Inspiring Software Consultancies

Patrick Steadman - January 4th, 2017

One big thing I learned this year is that there’s no one right way to run a software consulting business. I’ve tried to become a student of the industry, and in reading the blogs of successful companies, I’ve often found that the best practices of one consultancy are considered anti-patterns at another. For example, some companies proudly call themselves Agile or Scrum teams, while others are defined by their rejection of Agile practices. Some groups care a lot about accounting and finance, while other companies outsource those concerns and focus on code or relationships. Read More