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We can build your product. Computer Lab specializes in developing data-driven applications with intensive UIs. We're a full-service dev shop that knows how to work well with other teams.

We can understand your data. Our team has the data science expertise to make sure that you're solving the right problems. We collect, clean, store, mine, and visualize data.

We can make people care about you. The Computer Lab network will help you scale. We have tools to get more eyes on your product and build your brand.

Case Study

Verdes Pinpoints

We built an interactive 3D landing page for a marketing data visualization tool.

The engineers who built ReactJS were inspired by the efficiency and simplicity of the “DOOM” video game engine, so it’s not surprising that React is a good tool for building responsive 3D websites. The PinPoints build convinced us that React’s declarative components are a great fit for developing 3D user interfaces in the browser.

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What I Learned From Live-Tweeting My Google Searches

Last May, I wrote a script that would log into my Google history page, find my most recent search queries, and tweet them from my public Twitter account. It tweeted searches from anywhere I was logged in with Google, including my phone, in real time. I kept the script running continuously for over a year, generating about 17k tweets. A few nights ago, for various reasons, I decided to turn it off, and commented out the cron job that ran the script. Frankly, I miss it.

Patrick Steadman - June 22nd, 2016
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Computer Lab is a group of developers, designers and engineers who met on the internet and now work together in an office in Manhattan.

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