WooCommerce Order and Subscription Creation Actions

Actions not firing upon subscription creation? Try these actions and filters.

If you’re using a WooCommerce plugin like Cartflows, subscription actions initialized using woocommerce_checkout_subscription_created may not fire. In the case of Cartflows, child orders created in Upsells or Downflows do not trigger the aforementioned action, presumably because a unique checkout is not occuring.

If you still need to trigger an action for creation of a Cartflow upsold subscription, there is also an undocumented action wcs_create_subscription. There is also a filter with the same name, you can check out the source here. It seems like this using this hook may be more robust than woocommerce_checkout_subscription_created or the status change actions.

Example of usage:

function on_subscription_created($subscription)
// do action here
add_action( 'wcs_create_subscription', 'on_subscription_created', 1, 1 );

Note on Subscriptions Created via Admin

The wcs_create_subscription action will not fire for subscriptions created via the admin interface. In order to trigger actions in admin, you must use the stranglely-named woocommerce_process_shop_order_meta, and then add logic to confirm that the order is a subscription. See this stackoverflow post for more information.

Patrick Steadman
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