Pigeon Sounds HD Now Available for iOS and Android

Install the free Pigeon Sounds HD app to access a curated collection of pigeon recordings including sounds ranging from happy grunts to grieving coos.

Pigeon Sounds HD

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I hope that today is the beginning of a process where Computer Lab works to improve the quality of the Pigeon Sounds HD app with help from pigeon lovers all over the world.

Every day I discover new pigeon sounds and I hope to capture them all in this app.

Please send us pigeon sound clips along with information about the context in which the sound was recorded. It would be great if the app included many different variations of each type of sound, along with information about the bird(s) that made it.

In the process of submitting the app to Google Play, I noticed that there are already many Android pigeon sound apps. These apps have great features including integration with messaging apps (so you can send pigeon sounds to friends) and integration with the OS’s notification and alarm system. I’m constantly inspired and humbled by the amount of software out there!

Thank you to Daniel Brewster for responding to an inquiry on the Computer Lab Runoff mailing list and quickly developing the code for this app.

App Store Link   Google Play Link

Pigeon Sounds HD icon is a modified “Pigeon” icon by Danil Boatman, from thenounproject.com.

Patrick Steadman
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