We don't currently offer computers for public use.

Here's a list of places in New York City with public computers or WiFi. Click on the links below for more information.

  • Brooklyn Public Library

    Public computers, laptops, and WiFi available for free for those with a library card. Printers, copiers, and scanners available for a fee.

  • New York Public Library

    Public computers available with access to library catalog and electronic resources. Library card required for access to internet on public computers. Free WiFi available for those who bring their own laptops.

  • New York City Parks Computer Resource Centers

    Computer classes, internet access, professional software and training available. Membership required.

  • Net Cafes in Manhattan Chinatown

    There are a few, more expensive net cafes with gaming computers that can be used for a fee in Manhattan's Chinatown.

  • Net Cafes in Sunset Park Chinatown

    There are a number of cheaper and larger net cafes in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

  • Digital Vans

    Three mobile computer labs travel around NYC to provide internet access and computers. Free for NYCHA residents and members of the community.

  • FedEx or UPS stores

    Computers, printers, and scanners available for a fee.

  • Apple, Best Buy, Microsoft, or Samsung stores

    Computers on display can be used for personal use.


    Gallery space, internet lounge, and computers for people interested in digital art. Classes available as well.

  • Hotel lobbies

    Various hotel lobbies have free WiFi that can be accessed by the public. Some offer computers as well.

If you know of any other locations with public computers, please email us at hi@computerlab.io. Or to edit this page directly, feel free to make a pull request to the GitHub repo.

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